Talktoregal – Win $100 Regal Gift Card – Regal Survey

Talktoregal – Regal cinema surveys to have a better idea and knowledge about how the customers feel and what kind of changes are required to make the best out of it.

Talktoregal - Win $100 Regal Gift Card - Regal Survey

Talktoregal – Win $100 Regal Gift Card – Regal Survey

The survey is conducted on the online web of Regal cinemas. Regal Cinemas have designed a lot of questions according to recent experience and the customers are fair.

Invited to contribute their part of understanding. This is the best possible way to collect data regarding what kind of changes are expected by the customers to make it more accessible to the customers.

The survey enhances the company and this in return facilities the customers with a good response. The company betters in every single way and this is what is the purpose of the survey.

Not only this but the company also promotes the customers by giving them energizing awards in return for the contribution.

Regal Survey Rewards

A lot of lists begin when you’re reading the best part of the survey. The list continues and this makes it more happening than ever.

The applicant once completes the survey makes an entry at the sweepstakes competition. And this leads to an attractive regal gift coupon of $100 monthly.

Now, this is not the end to the survey because the applicant has a golden opportunity to win other rewards which are rewarded by the company they are – free movie ticket, free popcorn, free cold drinks, etc.

Talktoregal - Win $100 Regal Gift Card - Regal Survey

Regal Survey terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that you must be aware of before taking part in the survey are written down below.

The survey is a better way of engaging customers and making it simpler for you people. We have written the complete terms and conditions for you. The terms and conditions are –

  • There is an eligibility criterion. The applicant must be a resident and rightful citizen of the 50 United States and the legal age to contribute to the survey is 18 years and more.
  • The non-applicable participants belong to a group of people who are linked with the regal cinema that is the employee, their immediate family members, etc.
  • The mandatory requirement to complete the survey is the recent receipt of the Regal cinemas.
  • Before you begin with the survey make sure you have a valid email id and contact number to make the survey easier to conduct.
  • The participant must have a strong and reliable internet connection with any of the technical gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, PCs, etc.
  • There are two preferences for your languages that you can select from. So, the applicant must have an introductory knowledge of any of the languages between English and Spanish.
  • There is a limitation for the entry of the sweepstake that is one individual is eligible only once a month.
  • Only the gift must be expected as a reward and the applicant cannot transfer the winning prize.
  • The participant is requested to keep an eye on the last day to participate. They must participate within the given period.

Talktoregal - Win $100 Regal Gift Card - Regal Survey

How to take part in the Regal customer satisfaction survey?

The steps to participate in the survey are written down below –

  • Visit the official website of Regal cinema
  • There is a language decision that you can make between the two languages English and Spanish. So, select your preferred language and continue with the next steps.
  • A new page appears to enter the survey access code as given in your current ticket from the Regal cinemas.
  • Enter the email id in the next space provided.
  • Now you can rate the regal cinema satisfaction survey according to your understanding and occurrence at the last visit.
  • Once you have answered the question click on the submit button.
  • However, to make it engaging and interesting there is a scale from satisfied to dissatisfied so you can choose depending on your taste and contribute to the company.
  • Once you have genuinely answered all the questions enter the details -name, address, contact, etc to make communication easier and simpler.
  • Click on the submit button and end the survey.

You have successfully entered the sweepstakes competition and if you’re one of the lucky winners and your name is drawn at the next sweepstakes you will be contacted by the Regal Cinemas.

Talktoregal - Win $100 Regal Gift Card - Regal Survey

About Regal Survey

The local theatre of Regal is located at Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, India. Founded by Framji Sidhwa and the first movie telecasted in the theatre were Laurel and Handy work.

The Devil’s Brother in 1933. With extensive mirror work, Regal cinemas are meant for entertainment.

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The survey is performed on the online web of Regal cinemas- -www.talktoregal.comfort the beneficial acknowledgment and reviews of the customers.


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